Obedience & Tricks Classes

Private Lessons
Due to time constraints, I am currently only offering private lessons.

Interested in obedience at your home to address problem behaviors such as loose leash walking, jumping on guests, or nuisance barking OR if you just don't have a schedule conducive to a 5 week class schedule, email us about private lessons.

Training a dog, to me, is on a par with learning to dance with my wife or teaching my son to ski. These are fun things we do together. If anyone even talks about dominating the dog or hurting him or fighting him or punishing him, don't go there. ~Ian Dunbar

All BHL obedience classes use positive reinforcement, reward based methods. We do not condone or allow jerking, pulling, or forceful manipulation of your canine companion. Handlers will be given the skills to work with their dogs without the use of corrective collars.

Dogs do what pays and since I don't work for free I don't expect them to either! I would much rather have a pocket full of cookies and a happy, willing dog than a dog trained with pain and a deep-seated fear of me!

Class Descriptions
Basic Obedience - 5 weeks
For dogs with no obedience training. This 5 week class will focus on basic obedience skills, taught using positive reinforcement, marker-based training (i.e. a clicker). Handlers will learn basics of learning theory and will gain the skills for a lifelong relationship based upon clear communication and trust.
In this course, you and your dog will learn: sit, down, stay, come when called, and settle on a mat (place). Time each week will focus on loose leash walking.

Puppy Class - 6 weeks
For puppies aged 2-6 months with no obedience training. This 5 week class will focus on basic puppy behavior problems, such as house training, walking on leash, chewing/biting, and jumping up for attention, socialization and building confidence. Handlers will learn how to reduce undesirable behaviors and how to increase desirable behaviors.

Tricks Level I - 5 weeks
For dogs with minimal basic obedience skills; handlers must be able to maintain control of their dog's without the use of force or corrective collars. From your dog's perspective, everything (EVERYTHING) is a trick! This 5 week class focuses on teaching fun tricks to entertain your friends and mentally stimulate your dog. Tricks covered will be simple enough for beginners, and we will cover the entire spectrum of ways to train tricks. Tricks may vary depending on class members' skills, but all dogs will end the course with enough tricks to complete the requirements for a Novice Trick title by Do More With Your Dog!®, if the handler is interested.

What can you teach a dog using positive reinforcement?
The possibilities are endless!

Roaming Rover - 5 weeks
For dogs with basic obedience skills; handlers must be able to maintain control of their dog's without the use of force or corrective collars. Dogs are horrible at generalizations, so practicing in a huge variety of places is critical in getting a well behaved dog that will listen/perform in a variety of places and situations. This 5 week class focuses on working with your dog on basic obedience behaviors (walking nicely on leash, sit, down, focusing on you, and settling) in a variety of dog-friendly locations. All locations will be areas with leash laws, and all dogs will be leashed during all classes.

Special Topic Single Workshops
A variety of topics, both working with dogs and for people only, are available by special request, including:
Loose Leash Walking, Intro to Clicker Training (for Dogs or for Horses), Raw Diets, and Living with Dogs with Prey Drives.