Open Practice

Open practice run-throughs are open ONLY TO HANDLERS AND DOGS WITH BARN HUNT EXPERIENCE. Experience includes attendance in one of my classes, attendance in classes taught elsewhere, or BHA trial experience. Open practices do not include rat familiarization or discussions and are therefore not intended to serve as a Barn Hunt Introduction. Run-throughs are structured like a trial with a judge inside the ring. Training in the ring is allowed, but training advice by the judge will be limited. All handlers/dogs will be expected to exit the ring when their time is called, and dogs that eliminate in the ring will be immediately excused from that run.
Each run-through is $5.
No sign up or preregistration available; run-throughs are first come, first served.
Upcoming Practice Days 
Handlers are responsible for the action of their dogs at all times. In the event a dog (or handler) harms a rat in any way, the handler will pay $30 to replace the rat. If the action is deemed blatant, the team will be asked to leave immediately.
Furthermore, in an effort to protect our equipment (straw bales) during open practice and all advanced classes, handlers will be financially responsible, in addition to be excused from the ring, in the event their dog eliminates (defined as urinates, defecates, or vomits) anywhere in the ring. Handlers will pay $8, due immediately, for each elimination incident.