Rat Tubes

While there is a small amount of variation in tubes you'll see at trials, nearly all clubs go with this design and the basic tenets of construction mandate they look nearly exactly like the BHA specified tubes. All tubes should be constructed in such a way that dogs cannot crush the tubes or pry off end caps and drain covers; remember the sport is open to all dogs, so your tubes must withstand the biting and pawing of a 5 lb lap dog and the biting and pawing of a 100 lb performance breed. After constructing several sets, we have them down to a T - having things like a drill press and chop saw help - and we realize for many people, it is easier to buy them than build them.
We can construct a set for you for $30 per tube plus shipping, includes camo painting. Shipping is $17.90 for two tubes; the same shipping price applies to a single tube, so we recommend ordering in increments of two. If you want to pick up the tubes yourself, either in Oklahoma or at a trial we will be at, no charge for shipping.
Tubes can be purchased by contacting us directly (payment via check or cash only with a $2 discount per tube) or through our Etsy store (payment via credit card, tubes must be purchased in pairs via etsy). Shipping is automatically charged in the etsy store. If you are buying locally and want to pick them up in person, please DO NOT buy via etsy; please email us and you'll be practicing with your own tubes before you know it!