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The proof is in the pudding! Would you train with an agility instructor who does not compete in agility? Would you pay an obedience trainer whose students can't sit! Why expect anything less in a Barn Hunt Instructor! Brandi actively competes in, judges, and volunteers at Barn Hunt trials. Students routinely travel from all across the state to train with her, and dogs from Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas have also come to classes!

Of the 35 current RATN dogs residing in Oklahoma, 31 trained with Brandi. Those numbers get even more impressive with 12 of 14 RATOs, all RATSs, and the lone RATM (the BHL himself) all regularly working with Brandi.
Barn Hunting Labrador Students with Titles
Amos, Border Collie - RATN
Andy, Sheltie - RATI RATN
Anna, Rat Terrier - RATI
Bailey, Miniature American Shepherd - RATI
Bama, Mixed Breed - RATI RATS
Bella, Belgian Tervuren - RATN
Best, Golden Retriever - RATI RATS
Bodie Bodacious, Wire Fox Terrier - RATO
Brandy, Mixed Breed - RATI RATS
Brodie, Miniature Schnauzer - RATI RATO
Carson, Welsh Terrier - RATN
Case, Jack Russell Terrier - RATO
Chloe, Border Collie - RATI
Cinch, Jack Russell Terrier - RATO
Cupcake, Miniature American Shepherd - RATI RATN
Dudley, Jack Russell Terrier - RATS
Emma, Standard Schnauzer - RATI
Eve, Whippet - RATI
Gracie, Welsh Terrier - RATO
Grady, Miniature Schnauzer - RATI RATN
Gunner, Standard Poodle - RATI RATO
Hank, Mixed Breed - RATI RATN
Hazel, Australian Shepherd - RATI
Jet, The Barn Hunting Labrador - RATM
Jet, Mixed Breed - RATN
Jett, Doberman Pinscher - RATN
Katie, Border Terrier - RATI
Kaylee, Corgi - RATI RATN
Lexie, Miniature Schnauzer - RATI RATN
Luger, Standard Schnauzer - RATI
Marley, Welsh Terrier - RATN
Mia, American Pit Bull Terrier - RATI
Mia, Miniature American Shepherd - RATI
Monica, Mixed Breed - RATN
Patch, Jack Russell Terrier - RATI
Peanut, Mixed Breed - RATN
Pi, Whippet - RATI
Ping, Lab/Shar Pei Mix - RATN
Pip, Standard Poodle - RATI RATN
Reagan, Miniature Schnauzer - RATI RATN
Rolston, Swedish Vallhund - RATI
Shamus, Border Collie - RATN
Spike Lee, Wire Fox Terrier - RATO
Tickle, Rat Terrier - RATI RATN
Willow, Border Collie - RATI RATO
Willie, All American - RATN
Testimonials - What My Students Have To Say! 
"My Border Collie, Chloe, and I had a great time learning to barn hunt. I love having a sport to continue playing with Chloe as she gets into her senior years."
Heidi Cleveland, Twister Agility Instructor
"I have two Welsh Terriers, Merlin and Gracie, who have done Earth dog events. They have the drive to find the rats, they just use methods that don’t pass the Earth dog test. Barn hunt events seem to work for both dogs. Going to the intro class, advanced class and to the rat games, Brandi has always given positive feedback and tips for me to help my dogs. Brandi always provides a safe and nurturing atmosphere. She is friendly and professional. We are looking forward to our first official Barn Hunt Trial in March."
Cass Brassard, Merlin and Gracie

"I’m Vizsla, Miss Molly Brown. My mom really had fun at last Saturday’s Barn Hunt, in spite of the cold.! I liked being able to show my hunting talents without mom talking to me! My mom was impressed and learned a lot, too. Your enthusiasm for this sport really adds to the fun. We enjoy the neat people and different dogs! Thanks, Brandi for all your hard work to put this fun time together. Looking forward to February’s events."
Miss Molly Brown and mom, Shirley Brown

"I originally started barn hunt with my supposed heeler/terrier mix that oozes prey drive and unexpectedly succeeded at it with my border collie that has a passion for it. It's a game he excels at with limited direction and training, simply because he enjoys it."
Amanda and Amos

"I've attended several of Brandi's Intro to Barn Hunt classes and fun runs. Barn Hunt is a sport that intrigues me and I kept testing some of my corgis, along with a sheltie & Gordon Setter, to see if anyone was interested in the sport. My Gordon would have more fun if we put a bird in that tube, instead of a rat! Andy, my sheltie, approaches Barn Hunt as a nose work sport, even though he has no interest in the rats themselves. But, with Brandi's guidance, he has passed his RATI test and has two legs towards his novice title! The corgis, who were originally bred as ratters as well as herding dogs, have had variable interest until I tried my puppy, Kaylee. Finally, I have a corgi who thinks this is a fun game! I look forward to seeing how far she can go in this sport!"
Lyn Johnson DVM

"Going into the Introduction to Barn Hunt class, I had absolutely no idea what Barn Hunting was, only that the dog hunts rats. After the first class, both myself and my dog had to be dragged away from all the fun! Brandi's classes are so fun and not intimidating at all for beginners. Once you learn the basics, she handles each team according to what THEY need to better themselves in a fun encouraging way, so that every step forward is celebrated. From beginners to experts, Brandi's class will leave you excited for the next time! I teach obedience classes and getting to do something that my dog enjoys and gets to go crazy, doing what dogs love to do most, is great fun for us both!"
Heather Epperson, Family Dog Obedience LLC

"Brandi got us started in barn hunt, then offered practice and special topics that we needed to grow our skills.  She has patiently answered my gazillion questions about the sport, and always had encouraging feedback about our runs. Best wouldn't have had all the fun on the way to her RATI, RATN, RATO and RATS titles without the Barn Hunting Labrador team."

Sally Sheridan

"Safe, but fun, training methods used. Lots of knowledge behind the classes, fun matches and trials. Brandi has lots of relevant dog training experience which I very much appreciate."

Teresa Randall, BHAJ-066A

"Bailey took a seminar 2 years ago with Brandi and hadn't seen a rat since. She had a wet start at the January trial, but after they let her see the tube with the rat in it; she remembered the game and ended up with her RATI and 2 Novice legs for the weekend. I credit Brandi with the excellent introduction my dog had to the sport and the encouragement at the trial."

Karen Cooper