Barn Hunt Workshops

Available Classes
Due to a very hectic schedule and low interest in classes last year, it is unlikely we will have any Barn Hunt classes for the Fall of 2016. If that changes, an announcement will be made here. In the meantime, competitions are active in Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas!

Barn Hunt Class Descriptions
Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop
For dogs and handlers with no Barn Hunt experience. This workshop serves the important role of introducing the handler to the sport and rules of Barn Hunt, as well as introducing the dog to rats. Following a brief discussion, all dogs will do a rat familiarization exercise, and all teams will run a RATI course and a RATN course.
Advanced Barn Hunt Workshop (AKA The Trial Prep Class)
For dogs and handlers that have completed the Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop or who have a RATN title. This workshop moves on to the next level with dogs running open and higher level courses. Discussion topics will center on multiple rat hunt problems, such as redirecting a dog back to the hunt, things handlers can do to save time and be more efficient, and how to help your dog when the search isn't going as planned. 

Rat Games!!
For dogs and handlers that have completed the Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop. This workshop is a fun way to work on your existing skills and learn a few new ones! This class will have a series of rotating games, so the games introduced during any single class will vary. Games that could be played include: Quiet Game, STOP!, Speed Hunts, RAT Gamblers, Memory, Chutes and Ladders.

Becoming a RatMaster
For advanced dogs and handlers that have completed multiple classes with us. This workshop is an introduction to the Master's Competition Class, where a variable number of rats is present and the handler must call clear when they believe their dog has found all rats on the course. Instructor approval is required.

Special Topics
These classes revolve around a single topic to troubleshoot common problems in Barn Hunt. Our most common special topics classes are "Building Alerts" and "Stopping False Alerts." Instructor approval is required.
While rats are the integral prey in Barn Hunt, our rats spend more time as pets than working. Our rats are never harmed, and they always go back home safe and sound at the end of the day.
Handlers are responsible for the action of their dogs at all times. In the event a dog (or handler) harms a rat in any way, the handler will pay $30 to replace the rat. If the action is deemed blatant, the team will be asked to leave immediately.